Secure, clean self storage units at a competitive price

We know the convenience of booking online -- we understand. We've considered the options and at this point have decided to do things a little more "hands-on" for a few reasons:

  • There's a significant added cost for any online management system. It could be argued that's the "cost of doing business" but it's not quite that simple. Any added cost will be passed on with higher rates
  • Online bookings require using an online credit card processing system. Those online processing portals cost for every transaction. Again, that cost will be passed along
  • Not everyone has a credit card. There is some added security for us, knowing we have a payment method each month and don't have to hope everyone gets us the money. But not everyone has a credit card, particularly when you're in transition. We can help because we offer a variety of payment options.
  • Your personal information and credit card information are not stored online this way.
  • Sometimes you have questions. You don't always know the size you need, or you're wondering about some other details. A lot of those questions can be answered by talking it through.
  • Because our business office shares a location with another business, we're readily available to help out, so in-person makes sense.
  • We like people! Come on by and we'll talk about what you need. We'll show you around and take a look at a storage unit if needed.

Online Booking Option

That being said, we DO offer a hybrid online option for those who can't make it into our office. Give us a call or use our contact form and we'll talk about your storage needs. If you aren't readily available to sign the rental agreement in person, we'll let you know what unit is available and you can fill out the form online, along with an eTransfer for the amount owing for the current month. Once that's done, it's yours -- we'll send you a gate code and you're free to move on in.

To access the online booking forms, click here.