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Having run this business for more than 10 years now, I've been grateful for the hundreds of customers who have made use of our facilities in a way that has been respectful of everyone, understanding that this is a place to store belongings -- whether for a short time or a long time.

However, we have been seeing an increasing number of people who appear to have a different understanding of things, so unfortunately it appears that we have to spell out some things that we thought, for the most part, would be self-evident. So here we go:

(1) We are running a storage business and not a campground. So whether you're thinking of camping in a tent, in your storage unit or in a vehicle, think otherwise. That's not cool and not permitted. Doing so will result in eviction and cancellation of contract. This includes "taking a break" for a snooze. Do it elsewhere. We've called the RCMP in the past to have a camper evicted; we'll do it again.

(2) You're renting one small unit. It does not come with a parking space. Sorry, you can't park anywhere on the grounds unless you're actively working on your unit. And even then, work with the guy who wants in the unit next to yours. Any vehicles you may see parked belong to the business owners or the commercial tenants. This includes trailers, RVs or anything else. We know the phone number of a towing company and aren't afraid to use it.

(3) If something doesn't fit in your storage unit, take it with you when you leave. It fit in your vehicle or unit when you came -- it will fit when you leave. Anything left outside will be considered trash and the cost of disposal will be added to your fees.

(4) Speaking of trash, please be respectful and take it with you when you leave. The dumpster in our south lot is for the commercial tenants, the trailer in the north lot belongs to the owners and the unlocked units you might see -- your garbage might fit in there, but that's just rude! Pack it in, pack it out. And sorry for having to mention this, but this includes "personal waste"….

(5) There are a few electric plugs around. Those are for use by the business for maintenance purposes. It's not for powering lights, heaters, or any of the other comforts of home. Our insurance does not allow power in the units due to fire hazard. We understand that it gets dark early in the winter -- and we know that some of you like working at night. Bring your own battery-powered lights or point your vehicle toward the doorway.

(6) I understand the mattress you had stored is still good. And that entertainment unit was top-of-the-line in 1982. But we have plenty of those -- we don’t need yours. You brought it in, you take it out. If you need directions to the landfill, just call.

These are a few of the commonsense ways of showing respect for everyone. I'm sure we've missed one, so just ask yourself: "How would I feel if my neighbour did that in my backyard?" Thanks again to everyone who has been using our facilities as intended over the years; perhaps you've been entertained by our misery! Yes, everything here is based on personal experience.